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People without name (to be remembered)


«Everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and speech».
Article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation


The website created as a book, as a cyber detective. Going step by step on all the chapters of the site, you will open a lot of interesting: a systemic crisis in Russia. How the system protects the criminals, how destroy people in Russia (genocide)...


Elections of the party «United Russia» and Vladimir Putin are held somehow dull and sadly. We have no russian breadth of the soul, features of the nation, mischief, youthful strength, merrymaking. We have no gossip, fisticuffs!!!

All systemic opposition («CPRF», «Fair Russia», the «LDPR» and others) bought entirely, upfront. All ratings, polls, primaries are voting unanimously... And they already appointed of the «United Russia» and her new stepson – «People's Front» (is repeated the experience of Vladimir Putin's by elections Anatoly Sobchak in St. Petersburg), become the main servants of Russians for the next 100 years. And the only decent person in Russia, Vladimir Putin was appointed of the Eternal President! Somehow dull and dreary...


It was evening, we could not do anything... Are we Russia or no Russia?! Dammit!!!! We thought, consulted on the web and decided to stir up anything.

Perhaps, will be catch something in our network? We like everyone else people are mercantile. We drink an empty tea with black bread. Would be to add the sugar and butter, we do not dream about of red or black caviar. We want to earn a bun with milk. At least only pleasant memories would be stayed that we was and lived. And we can not to not support Vladimir Putin, this is «a great sin», Putin is «our man».

We hit the head on the keyboard, clicked the mouse cursor and followed the cursor bar on the Internet.

We think not everything, but some things we've got... And also we want to go to the elections not with empty hands!

All documents were increased and reduced for normal reading and watching our «Cinema».

There are links, signs, explanations, comments. Some documents have the help of their content.

Some concepts for better understanding of the information on the website

For easy reading, we introduce several concepts: «devils», «Soviet», «Russian», «Great Russian», «the Jews», other terms we will explaine as necessary.

«Devils» different nationalities are fighting each other periodically and communicate in their own language. This is nothing humiliating, insulting no. The communication style of the «demons» is a bit unusual. But to normal people it personally does not concern, any beings speak in their language. «Devils» of different nationalities are fighting – it is such a «cross of life», if you want, it's fate. As a rule, they are («devils») butting with each other, when behind the stove becomes unbearable: coldly, hungry, closely are not only for the human children, but for «children of devils». When someone openly encroaches on their cakes and on the owner of the stove (people) - this is a war.

A serious fight with a foe - is a sacred duty for «devils». Once the horned all settle down, get better with each other, and there will come a calm, well-being for others. In another life in the modern world has not yet obtained.

«Soviet» – it is all the concepts and events in the geographic and temporal boundaries of the former USSR. No USSR, and borders collapsed. People, ideas and things, like history, remained.

«Russian» hereinafter similarly of the text «the Russians». «Russian» in our interpretation – this is a truncated, shortened form of the words «Russian citizens», that is, people living on the territory of the Russian Federation, including
«Great Russian» – is the aboriginal people of Great Russian tribe, who practiced in the 19th and early 20th centuries predominantly Christianity. According to various estimates the Great Russian was 55-60 million of people from 165-170 million of Russia's population, in the late 19th century.
«The Jews» (persons of Jewish nationality) – it is well-deserved, worthy, respected, full-fledged part of the society of the Russian Federation, accordingly, to the word «Jewish» and to the rest is only positive attitude. In the late 19th century they lived in Russia about 5 million people.

We believe that you will spend a pleasant time in our society... Follow bunny(1), step by step… We are not kings on the moon, but we are pensioners on the Earth. You will appreciate our work for yourself...


P.S. There are a lot of competitions and other events in the world. Where people, events and facts are determined as the best. We offer to announce international competition in a new category – «The criminal capital city of the world!» In any genre...

We want to be the first in the competition in this category! And we represent 11.11.11. the twenty-first century (11 November 2011), from the birth of Christ - "film"! "Film"! "Film"!

There are many professions, but more beautiful of them is the cinema...

«St. Petersburg is the criminal capital of the world!»

Genre of our «cinema» is a detective (criminal) tragicomedy, Cyber-Western (cyber investigation, cyber thriller)...



Meaning of words:

(1) Bunny - 1. «Cursor bar» - bunny of the cursor. 2. Bunny navigator of site content. 3. Sunny bunny from the mirror. This kind of cursor, which shines directly into the eyes. 4. Flashlight beam in the dark. 5. Bunny of «Playboy». Come back to the text of the article.

Important! We advise to you to search confirmation of the information provided on the site by keywords (keys) in the Internet.

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